About Us

Robin Ruth prides itself on its luxurious and high quality products. 
We are a young and dynamic company and one of the world's largest distributors of souvenir ties, scarves, hats, caps, bags, socks, t-shirts and a lot more. All our products are designed with the latest color, style and graphic trends in mind, while still keeping our unique touch and individuality. In the UK we focus mainly on tourism bags and hats; however we have recently introduced passport covers, luggage tags, toilet bags and make-up bags. We also offer a 'glamour' range.  These are some great bags and accessories with different general titles.

Today the brand Robin Ruth is being represented in 45 countries around the world and this amount is growing rapidly. Each country chooses the merchandise which is best suited for that specific country. While Robin Ruth is selling almost the same products around the world, it is yet so that the range is sometimes being adapted to the needs of that particular country. Besides the different range, the colors of products may differ as well.  

Throughout our existence, we have learned so much more on the needs of our consumers and clients that with this knowledge we come up with innovative ideas and creative designs. We keep track of the market and always try to anticipate.  This enables us to be who we are today and drives us to become better every single day.

Robin Ruth Middle East
Since 2008 Robin Ruth is being represented in the Middle East countries. Starting with the Emirate of Dubai, we are slowly expanding our brand to other Middle East territories.